Kaval: The Natural Palette

Elegantly subtle designs inspired by the essential

It is no surprise that Kaval’s palette is as natural as their creative approach, wherein they hand cut and sew organic fabrics to highlight the material’s best qualities.

For summer, they have crafted a palette seemingly inspired by the diverse Japanese landscape – a tranquil color wheel of slate, sea, sand and sky.


Khadi silk, a traditional hand woven Indian silk, is a versatile fabric that is breathable in summer heat while still being warm enough for cooler months. Kaval’s approach to the material, seen here steeped in a midnight dye, celebrates its levity – making it an ideal fabric for layering underneath their thicker linen offerings.


Kaval’s use of natural indigo creates their oceanic hues. By steeping linen and silk in the storied pigment, they achieve a range of blues from cornflower to cobalt. The color depends on the methodology and concentration of the indigo extract, hand-dyed to achieve the desired saturation.


No stranger to the art of traditional shirting, Kaval relaxes their approach with square silhouettes and handmade Mashiko ceramic buttons. The overall feel is relaxed and effortless, particularly when layered underneath a sakiori woven coat, crafted from shredded, antique kimono silk.


In a final nod to the ultimate summer color, Kaval presents a selection of soft silks and linens in a crisp white. Reminiscent of rolling clouds, bleached boardwalks and the very edge of cresting surf, these pieces catalyze the breeziness of a season rich with sunshine.

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