Jewelry: History’s Oldest Token of Celebration

Jewelry has always been of symbol of affection. Since the beginning of time, it has been used to decorate and elevate the wearer. It has also been a token of great affection or memories in the form of something small and enduring. Often given as people take stock of a transition in life, an accomplishment, or as encouragement, it’s most important function is the personalization of emotion. That is why handmade one-of-a kind jewelry is sought after.

The hand of the designer reveals character that should match the spirit of the receiver. They speak to one another. The wearer finds an echo to their personality in their jewelry and it is worn as a piece of themselves. This, in turn, is why jewelry is passed between family and friends and is deemed invaluable….a keepsake and embodiment of a person.

Jewelry’s importance today is, interestingly enough, even more pertinent in a time in which celebrations have been reduced to more simple interactions at home. While showpieces may have less relevance, jewelry that stays on the body and is part and parcel of the person adds beauty to living. Memories are carried along through everyday life; they journey with the wearer through the garden, at the table, or on a walk. Some might delight in the mysticism of a piece’s protective qualities, others at the reminder of love during a difficult time. Ultimately, its significance is wrapped up in spoken and unspoken emotions that make life so precious. These times remind us of the power of jewelry.

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