Jan-Jan Van Essche: One in All and All in One

Van Essche creates a single collection each year, rather than producing collections for each season, for a number of reasons. Of the simplest to explain, is the fact he doesn’t want his work to be dictated by the fashion industry. As far as design is concerned, Van Essche’s work remains simplistic because he believes clothing should be freeing. This is why every garment is created in such a way that minimizes the number of seams needed, and they are also constructed with effortless silhouettes. While the Western approach to fashion dictates that garments confine and shape the body, through his cautious studies for every season, Van Essche has found that many clothes from different countries depend on the wearer’s body to define how they look.

Jan-Jan Van Escche took inspiration this season from his travels and connections in Japan and Africa. His finely woven cotton was dyed with natural indigo, a palette that is visually calming in summer and provides health benefits according to traditional medicine from around the world.

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