Introducing Miyo Oyabu…

Despite its inherently innovative presence, glass is a natural phenomenon. 

Not quite liquid or solid, scientists refer to it as its own state of matter. Its fragile structure is found across many different materials and geographies, such as the skeletons of sea sponges, volcanic lava and fulgurites on a beach after a storm. Taking these cues from the natural world, and infusing her own sense of artistry, Japanese glassblower Miyo Oyabu crafts her unique and sculptural glassware collection.

Like the bodies of water that inspire her work, Miyo’s glassware is liquid in the hand. As if she has captured the surface of a crystalline pond, each glass glimmers and shifts, changing character and presence based on its surroundings.

Light from a lamp above her glasses sends sparkles dancing across the table. Shadows too are brought to life, infusing the table with a magical and mysterious atmosphere.

After graduating with a degree in fashion, Miyo was called to the arts – joining her intuitive taste with a love of sculpting. She trained in glassblowing on Japan’s Noto Island – a prefecture renowned for its specialized glassmaking community. Establishing her studio in 2003, she has since showcased her work in multiple solo exhibitions both in Japan and abroad.

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