Introducing: Marian Maurer

Marian Maurer, a New York City-based jeweler, asserts that the best approach to adornment is one that is handmade.

Marian Maurer Red Sapphire "Porch Skimmer" Ring

The artist’s touch imparts an intimacy and warmth within each piece that cannot be replicated by a machine.

This is emphatically true for her self-named collection, wherein she hand selects ethically-sourced gemstones to be set in organic bezels and delicately forged 18K bands.

Marian Maurer Blue Montana Sapphire "Porch Skimmer" Ring
Marian Maurer Ruby "Porch Skimmer" Ring

Marian’s studio is based in Brooklyn, where she also grew up as the daughter of two architects. This led to both a love of working with her hands and a strong sense of design and workmanship. In fact, she cites her surroundings as the biggest inspiration for her jewelry.

Within the buttery yellow gold settings she captures the city’s never ending layers of people, texture, color and sound. Marian’s pieces are intended to be worn every day and pair seamlessly with a simple bangle or an embellished statement necklace.

Marian Maurer Denim Sapphire "Porch Skimmer" Ring
Marian Maurer Ruby "Kima" Ring

“There is something about a handmade piece, perhaps the little asymmetries, that is warm and inviting and personal.”

— Marian Maurer

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