Introducing: A Tentative Atelier

Since their debut, A Tentative Atelier have collaborated with boutiques in over 10 countries. In 2014 Pauline obtained an Italy Vogue Talent Award with a scholarship to complete a master’s program at Domus Academy in Italy. In 2015, Nam won the Perspective 40 Under 40 Design Award. Both awards have recognized their outstanding design sensibilities and the strides made in their fashion journey.

SS19: La Rencontre

Hong Kong in the 1900's
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Several years after graduating from the Hong Kong Design Institute and working at various fashion companies around Europe, designer duo Nam Tsang & Pauline Yuen founded A Tentative Atelier in 2012. Based in Hong Kong and The United Kingdom, A Tentative Atelier continuously attempts to explore the use of artistic handicraft elements. With innovative forms and silhouettes on garments that would usually be considered typical, there is something unique about their creations that makes them anything but. Having presented at Paris Fashion Week since 2013, Nam and Pauline use their brand as a platform to encourage and sustain the spirit and tradition of high-quality craftsmanship, and are known for being the last generation of Shanghai Artisans. A Tentative Atelier is supported by professional tailors and machinists with over 40 years of experience in the garment industry.

"That's love: Two lonely persons keep each other safe and touch each other and talk to each other." - Rainer Maria Rilke

With their work, A Tentative Atelier have maintained a contemporary sense of luxury while creating a timeless vintage look. This is in part due to their painterly inspirations. Many of their campaigns, such as Fall / Winter 2018, and posts on instagram create a comparison in tone between art and their work. The Spring / Summer 2019 collection is no different. Titled “La Rencontre” (the encounter), this season focuses on garments with patchwork elements, embroidered and patterned fabrics, as well as eclectic buttons. These details combined with the silhouettes and irregular hemlines that are in use, create a romantic aesthetic reminiscent of the Renaissance, that becomes deconstructed and made new again. The reinterpretation of victorian age costumes make A Tentative Atelier a brand with surprises hidden in every piece. None of this would be possible if not for the synthesis of their former influences in Hong Kong and Europe.

A Tentative Atelier Spring / Summer 2019
A Tentative Atelier Spring / Summer 2019 La Rencontre
A Tentative Atelier Spring / Summer 2019 La Rencontre
Photos of Hong Kong in the 1900’s via:


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