How to Wear Magenta

When looking forward to the hot days of summer, we always find ourselves drawn to a palette of color that matches the joy and exuberance we feel internally. In this hunt for joy, deep pinks and magentas spring to the front of our attention.

Magenta specifically is a color that embodies the passion of the spirit. It has often symbolized emotional balance and universal harmony, and is much sought after as a bright and welcoming pop of cheer in a world of neutrals and darks. As an inherently resonant color, it vibrates best when paired with blacks, whites and denim. When worn as a shirt under a layer of white, it evokes the look of a blooming field of flowers. A whole new level of cheeky playfulness can be achieved when worn as a poncho or a jacket and layered over a darker outfit. With a favorite pair of jeans magenta harkens back to a teenage summer, sweet and hopeful. As it is a beautifully bright color, it is always best to let it stand on its own without mixing in too many other hues.

Bursting with energy, Brazilian designer Gilda Midani delights in the most vibrant of magentas for summer. Her hand-dyed pieces drip with joy, distinctly playful in both their rich color and easy wearability. Deep pink, fiery red, and subtle blush all dance across her palette and sink themselves into the breeziest of tees and dresses for the warmer seasons. Using a host of artisanal dyeing techniques and only the highest quality cotton, silk, and linen, Gilda creates clothing designed for a life of unending bliss. 

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