House Beautiful: Best Home Stores in America

House Beautiful’s list of Best Home Stores in America was formed in the spirit of America’s small business owners, designers and artisanal merchants. We are proud to be featured in their December issue as the Best Glassware Store in America. Material tactility is at the center of how we curate our glassware. Our designers possess their own unique understanding of hand-touched simplicity. Their soulful impressions originate across the globe and come together around our Wild Life table, imbued with glimmer and cheer.

Representing the delicate and meticulous hand within our collection is Michael Ruh, Canvas Home and Astier De Villatte. Michael Ruh’s harmonious blend of contour and assertive lines is formed by a process of incising into the near-finished shape when hot. His pieces are handblown in London, each engraved with his signature at its base. Canvas Home believes a blank canvas is something full of possibilities and useful in purpose. They celebrate the beauty of natural materials that are crafted into simple, one-of-a-kind shapes and silhouettes. Astier De Villatte follows in the tradition of the great 18th and 19th century Parisian ceramic studios. Working from an antique Bastille workshop, historically home to Napoleon Bonaparte’s own silversmith, Astier De Villatte’s designs are concocted with the adventurous whim of a visit to the Vanves flea market and the opulent curiosities of Neoclassicism.

La Maison Dar Dar, Sempre, Xaquixe, and La Soufflerie form handblown glass for the highly spirited. La Maison Dar Dar is so vivid in color, the vessels evoke hand-dyed silk. These hand blown glasses are imported from France and sourced from Syria. The handwork is notably emphasized in their champagne flute, a playful shaping of an iconic form. Belgian-based Sempre creates natural, sturdy glasses congenial in essence. Studio Xaquixe focuses on sustainable and ethical production practices, including recycled material and alternative energy sources. La Soufflerie is a family run company reviving, supporting and encouraging the ancestral art of glassblowing. Their wares are timeless, durable, and are meant for everyday. 

Wild Life was established to bring nature and culture to the forefront of home. Aimed at connecting people, our glassware does just this — to bring all around the table. 

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