Horisaki: Controlled Burn

Horisaki Design & Handel create handmade pieces ranging from wide brim fedoras to stylized caps… often subjected to their signature controlled burn.

Founded by husband and wife, Makoto and Karin Horisaki, the company is tucked deep in the forests of Sweden. Their Småland workshop is dedicated to carrying on traditional millinery techniques in the way they craft headwear. One of their most surprising techniques is the burning of their hats.

Using a blowtorch they set fire to the hat, being careful to not let the piece burn too long. The controlled burn creates a slightly distressed finish that is unique to each piece. Although daring, the end result is delicate and thoughtful. After beginning to experiment with this process six years ago, they have found it to be a favorite among their styles and Horisaki Design & Handel have been regularly using fire in their work ever since. 

Makoto and Karin meld together Japanese and Swedish design and take deep inspiration from the beauty of nature that surrounds them.  Each piece possess all the minimal, distressed style that you would expect from a brand set against the wild and rugged landscape of southern Sweden.

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