One-of-a-Kind: Greig Porter

Greig Porter Grasshopper Turquoise Ring

To be one-of-a-kind is to have an undeniable rarity. Often, it has a central material that demands a unique and entirely specific design approach by the artist. It is unequaled, unprecedented and unlikely to be found or seen in the same form again.

Greig Porter Grasshopper Turquoise Ring

Interview with Designer Greig Porter

Can you tell us more about your Grasshopper Turquoise Ring?

Greig Porter: This particular ring has a really amazing, wonderful stone. You know, it’s one of those things. As a jeweler you have to be constantly aware when you find something really rare. You have to keep your eyes trained to recognize when you do find it. This a beautiful stone certainly, one that I haven’t seen in shape, color or matrix in my career. In cases such as these, I am fond of turquoise set in higher karat gold to set off the richness of the stone’s natural color.

Why do you design so much with Turquoise?

Greig Porter: One, I like the stone. It’s very colorful and has many variations. So it’s not like a diamond, in which there’s a difference of clarity and size but beyond that there’s not much diversity. Whereas with turquoise, it can be radically individual in color, texture and raw personality. The other reason why I like it is that I associate it with people who live close to the land, either in the Western United States or Tibet. They are in touch with the land’s cycles, how it ebbs and flows, and turquoise is a part of that. I was once at an annual parade in the town of Leh, in Ladakh. And there were just unbelievable amounts of beautiful turquoise; it was layered into the people’s hair, clothing, saddles and boots as part of who they are. Just beautiful!

Kawich Peak, Navada

What makes Grasshopper Turquoise so special?

Greig Porter: The Grasshopper Mine is in Nevada, south of Tonopah in the southern part of the state. There is a gentleman here in [Santa Fe] who has the mining rights. It’s a very small mine that was closed for 30-40 years after it was discovered. Now the amount of production is very small so it’s not a well known or widespread product. Something nice about it, of course, it has a wonderful spring green color to it that you don’t find almost anywhere else.

About Greig Porter

Greig Porter designs jewelry with a clean, classic look full of global inspiration. Greig’s compositions are perfected through his brilliant understanding of tone and color. In each design, he allows the natural power and beauty of the stone to stand alone. While his pieces are approachable and fundamentally minimal, they are always innovative in their texture and combination of colors. For over twenty years, he has been the designer with the largest following at Santa Fe Dry Goods. Greig works and paints in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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