Gilding Soft Light

To Tovi Farber, the creative process is one rich in magic.

To melt and shape 18K gold and fuse it with character and beauty – and diamonds, of course – is to engage in a history of alchemical intrigue. Simultaneously spontaneous and carefully planned, her delicate jewelry is the culmination of a lifetime of travel, inspiration and enthusiasm for the craft. She has been designing and making jewelry herself for over 30 years.

Based in Tel Aviv, Tovi’s studio focuses primarily on working with unusual diamonds, such as black, pink and champagne varieties. Each is catalyzed in buttery 18k gold – a presentation she describes as “soft light”.

Tovi’s diamonds are chosen individually for each particular creation – sitting in compositions designed specifically for that stone, and that stone alone. Because of this careful consideration, no two pieces are exactly alike.

“The creative process is a magical process, into the unknown. A process that involves inspirations, thoughts, views, which does not yield to the dictates of the trend.” 

— Tovi Farber

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