Gilda Midani: Fuchsia

As the weather heats up through spring and into late summer, we search for energetic colors that inspire confidence and exhilaration. Fuchsia, a color that is rich in purple and pink tones, showcases self-assurance while maintaining a lighthearted essence.

Fuchsia is closely related to magenta but remains closer to purple on the color spectrum. Although it can be seen as an unconventional color, it is also friendly and welcoming with strong connections to intuitive thinking.

Gilda Midani creates clothing that is as artful as it is comfortable. With each collection, she produces superbly wearable pieces that are filled with playful energy. Flowing, organic silhouettes are enhanced by radiant color combinations and wild splashes of color. Through Gilda’s use of fuschia, we are reminded of warm days spent along the coast in the glow of a sunset.

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