Gareth Casey: Artist Turned “Clothes Maker”

“It’s not about being flashy or surprising. It’s just about: ‘Oh my God, that feels so good.’ ”

Image via Casey Casey

To the naive perspective, the output of all fashion designers may be imagined as flamboyant and extravagant, but in reality this is far from the case.

Developing polished, straightforward clothing is at the heart of those who strive to create refined apparel for the everyday. Gareth Casey of Casey Casey is a definitive example of one such designer.

Paris Storefront Image via Casey Casey

A self-taught artist and craftsperson earlier in his career, Gareth Casey wasn’t new to artistic creation when he began designing clothing with his background in painting and ceramics.

Self-described as a “clothes maker,” Casey began his artistic journey in 2008 with an inspiration to create mix-and-match workwear garments that he himself would want to dress in.

Casey Casey’s practical designs are directly linked to Gareth Casey’s vision of his own desired lifestyle. The result of this inspiration is everyday, easy essentials that are always ready for tasks around the house, cooking a comforting meal or spending time with friends.

Casey defines his clothing as “a reflection of the way I work and the way I want my life to be.”

This design philosophy is not only seen in his minimal silhouettes, but is intentionally applied to his lush, but simple fabrics used as well.

Natural materials – never synthetics – such as Egyptian cotton, crepe linen and worsted wool are liberally used across this line to produce enduring garments replete in organic textures.

Initially hand-finished, washed, and dyed during production, these fabrics display what Casey describes as a “lived-in feeling.”

The Casey Casey aesthetic embraces this worn look, where the materials are celebrated rather than hidden as they evolve and change alongside the wearer’s experiences.

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