Echoing Antiquity

The history of gold can be traced back to the beginnings of civilization itself, revered for its luster and warmth.

Worn for ceremony, celebration and the pure pleasure of personal adornment, this metal was just as treasured 6000 years ago as it is today. For Tovi Farber, working with gold is both a challenge and an opportunity – to explore and reinvent age-old jewelry conventions while still echoing the antiquity of its roots.

Desert Cities in the Negev © OUR PLACE The World Heritage Collection

Like a series of framed photos, square-cut sapphires shine out from the handcrafted bezel of Tovi’s ring. From afar, the gold seems to be merely textured. A peek closer reveals dozens of tiny circles carved over its surface.

Kept as natural as possible, the diamonds that stud out from within these hoops are reminiscent of the rugged stones found throughout desert cities and fallen ruins of the Negev Desert beyond Tel Aviv.

In crafting this way, with texture and organic beauty at the forefront, Tovi seems to capture moments from a time long forgotten. Her pieces feel as if they have existed for a millennia, unearthed from an ancient trove beneath the sands of the Negev. It’s a lot to consider, the centuries of layered influence that trickle into contemporary adornment… What an honor it is to hold them in our hands.

Masada is an ancient fortress in the Judaean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea © UNESCO

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