Daniela Gregis: The Fruits of Creative Living

Daniela Gregis’s approach is one of poetic living — her clothes encourage the ease of a life in harmony with its surroundings.

Daniela Gregis

Her envisioned environment may include a quiet, sunsoaked study, an antique desk covered in sketches or the table of an intimate gathering — one stocked with good food and even better friends.

In all places where creativity and joy are found, Daniela’s work fits seamlessly into the fabric of being.

Daniela Gregis

In playing with this new spring delivery, we found a twinned essence in Wommelsdorff’s knits.

The notable beauty of this line, in addition to its incredibly soft hand, is its lack of seams.

Designer Anne Schramm and her knitters work exceptionally hard to create a continuous garment with no break in the visual line.

When moving into spring, we seek the pieces that can transition between snowy mornings and warm afternoons and stay comfortable all day — an easy task for a Daniela Gregis and Wommelsdorff combination.

Daniela Gregis
Daniela Gregis

Our process is one of experimentation and pure joy — paint the backgrounds, throw on the clothes and see how it all works together.

Our studio is often alight with laughter as we test what works and what doesn’t.

This shoot was conceptualized by Shobhan, painted by Miranda, styled by Olha, shot by Tim and modeled by Mona.

In this practice together we find our own joie de vivre!

Daniela Gregis
Daniela Gregis
Daniela Gregis

The subtle elegance of Daniela Gregis’ works is perhaps the most notable — a well-placed slit at the cuff of a sleeve or at the notch of a neck ensures each piece is flattering for a myriad of body types, even when the tag says “one size.”

The crumpling of her printed cottons, sourced from the acclaimed Liberty London, lends itself to easy dressing.

No iron or pressing needed — just throw on the piece and find your inspiration.

Daniela Gregis

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