Daniela Gregis: Salt and Pepper

Daniela Gregis has long been inspired by her days spent at her studio in Bergamo, Italy, and the atmosphere in Piazza Veccia.  Her work often displays an artisanal country feel, as her designs are always textured and voluminous, encouraging others to live with the brightest of outlooks.

Daniela Gregis SS19

In her latest collection, Daniela has been particularly focused on the relationship between opposites. This is nothing new, as her work has always contained contrasting textural elements, but never has she stated it quite so obviously. From the way the metallic qualities of some fabrics contrast with the matte of others, to the way warm oranges and cool blues have always wormed their way into most of her collections, it is undeniable that Daniela has always held a fascination with this concept. 

Spring/Summer 2019 is simply titled, “Salt and Pepper”. It is not necessarily referencing the seasoning itself, but rather the idea of contrasts, and how they are also inherently complementary because of their differences. When combined properly, her work becomes a conversation between two garments, enhancing the best qualities of each while displaying their own strengths.

When looking at her work as a whole, it is easy to understand how the washed, textural qualities of a shirt can intensify the clean-cut aspect of her smooth pants. Vibrant blues, oranges and reds converse with neutral linens and houndstooth patterned fabrics to create the most delicious combinations.

Daniela Gregis SS19
Daniela Gregis SS19
"The ingredients of all time, linen and cotton, cut and cooked in color and warmth, topped with a spoon of buttons, buttonholes, necks…with salt and pepper every dish, every day is new, alive in every little detail.” - Daniela Gregis, Salt and Pepper


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