Corîu: Maroquinerie

Corîu portrays its influences through expertly crafted leather handbags that evoke a nostalgic trip to the idyllic Italian countryside.

Woman Walking with Corîu Italian Leather Handbag
Images via Corîu

The art of “maroquinerie,” Italian for “leather making,” is, both literally and symbolically, in Corîu’s blood.

Close up detail of Corîu Italian Leather Handbag

The brand was founded in 2019 by Giordano Lapegna.

With his own background as a creative mind and designer for a company working in leather, for five generations, Giordano’s family has crafted and sold leather goods. 

From humble beginnings of his great-great-grandfather selling leather across Southern Italy to his grandparents and their children running influential leather trade businesses in Naples, the material has been connected to Giordano’s family for over 100 years.

Corîu founder Giordano Lapegna's family

Not only is his familial line deeply tied to fine leather, but his cultural roots, along with the brand itself, are intertwined with Italy’s Puglia region, an area steeped in the tradition of craftsmanship.

Woman Holding Corîu Italian Leather Handbag.

These influences are not lost in Corîu’s refined aesthetic.

Each bag radiates romantic sentiments of Italy, inviting the wearer to take part in the country’s storied culture.

Corîu Italian Leather Handbag posed with Medium Format Film Camera on Steps

Corîu’s “Bitta” bag alludes to the maritime history of the peninsula.

Woman Holding Corîu Bitta Style Italian Leather Handbag

Bitta, the Italian word for “bollard,” refers to the hooks along docks for sailors to fasten their boats to.

The bag’s golden clasp which secures its rounded, triangular latch mimics these hooks.

Corîu Bitta Style Handbag Product Shot
Corîu Bitta Style Handbag Clasp Detail

Classic, elegant lines define every piece, exuding the brand’s historical origins as well as the locally-focused and sustainable principles it was founded on.

Collaborating with Puglian artisans and family-run businesses, each and every detail is accounted for as the leathers are cut, assembled and stitched by hand.

Giordano Lapegna working with Puglian Local Artisans
Artisan Crafting Handbag with Hammer
Artisan Cutting Material
Artisan Stitching Leather Handbag

Embracing slow fashion practices, Corîu’s Tuscan-sourced leathers are vegetable tanned and dyed, an ancient and eco-sustainable process that produces a sophisticated, organic appearance that subtly changes over time, reflecting the wearer’s lifestyle.

Leather Close Up

With a brand defined by its Italian roots, Giordano’s combination of his leather crafting heritage and design background result in Corîu’s elevated handbags.

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