Closed Jeans: Defining Sustainable Denim

The word “sustainability” has seen a huge uptick in popularity as the world has realized the negative impact of climate change and mass production over the last several years.

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Due to this shift, sustainable practices in manufacturing and production have become a poignant selling point for many fashion designers.

Many of the leaders of this movement are brands that were already implementing sustainable approaches are continuing to innovate in the pursuit of eco-friendly processes.

Closed is one such brand.

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Founded in 1978 with the idea of launching Italy’s first denim label, the brand came under the direction of Til Nadler, Gordon Giers and Hans Redlefsen in 2009.

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Closed 1980s Advertisement

For over 40 years, the business changed hands from the original founders to Giers’ father and then onto Giers and his two close friends, and throughout this time, the brand was influenced by these three eras of owners and their European roots.

Closed defines this heritage as French imagination, Italian craftsmanship and German tradition.

Closed's Owners Gordon Gier, Hans Redlefsen and Til Nadler
Gordon Giers, Hans Redlefsen and Til Nadler Portrait via Closed

Since 2009, the trio has defined the vision of the brand – to create sophisticated, high-quality designs while ensuring that every stage of production is as sustainable as possible.

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To Nadler, Giers and Redlefsen, being sustainable means much more than just being aware of their environmental impact.

To the group, practicing sustainability involves awareness of how their production methods affect people, animals and the environment in regards to social, economic and ecological issues.

Closed Lookbook Image
Closed Lookbook Image
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Since 2018, Closed’s headquarters and warehouse have been climate-neutral, and these facilities as well as their shops and showrooms run exclusively on green electricity. In 2021 alone, 50% of the cotton the brand used was organic

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Last year, eighty percent of their production took place in Europe which promoted working with local businesses, shortened their supply lines and used less energy to transport goods. This year, this amount has risen to eighty-eight percent.

Closed Sustainable Denim Stitching Production
Closed High Quality Denim Fabric

The brand has recently launched their A BETTER BLUE line.

It features the usual refined denim designs crafted with vegan denim and other sustainable materials with the collaboration of Candiani, considered the “greenist weaving mill” in Europe, and Everest, an environmentally friendly, chemical free laundry company.

Closed Collaboration with Candiani Workers, a Sustainable Weaving Mill
Closed Sustainable Denim Production Tumbling Process

In 2021, Closed became a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an organization that promotes a more equitable garment industry, motivating the company to develop a responsible sourcing policy and explore ethical business conduct.

In a culture where it’s common for companies to pass the burden of environmental responsibility onto the consumer, it’s both refreshing and encouraging for Closed to demonstrate just how much a brand can accomplish in the pursuit of beauty and sustainability.

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“Closed on Sustainability” – 2019

Documentary via Closed

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