Caring for Cashmere: Combs & Stones

Cashmere, a timeless and lofty fabric, relies on a bit of extra attention and care to maintain its longevity. In this effort, a cashmere comb is an indispensable tool. By effectively removing pilling, cashmere combs restore a garments’ original luster without the use of harsh chemicals, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach to fabric care.

Beyond cleaning, cashmere combs are ideal for rejuvenating sweaters that have been stored for long periods of time. To utilize the comb effectively, brush it gently over the garment’s surface, employing light strokes to restore its original shape and texture.

Image Courtesy of the Laundress

How Does A Cashmere Comb Work?

Before brushing the garment, spot test the comb on an inconspicuous area on the interior of the garment. If satisfied with the spot test, proceed with gently brushing the pilled areas of the garment’s face. Discard any remaining fuzz trapped in the comb’s screen. We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions as combs vary from brand to brand. 

Image Courtesy of the Laundress

Should I use a Sweater Stone?

For various fabric types, including cashmere, wool, and upholstery, a sweater stone can be invaluable. Sweater stones are made from porous pumice stone (volcanic rock) that catches and pulls loose fibers from knits. At Santa Fe Dry Goods, we recommend cashmere combs over sweater stones as the stones can shed on the garment and the users’ hands. Sweater stones are less precise, and therefore should not be used on very delicate or loose knits.

Is it Safe to use a Fabric Shaver on Cashmere?

Though cashmere is prone to pilling in the same way wool sweaters are, we recommend taking extra care with cashmere. A manual brush is a much safer way to tackle pilling. The palm-size wooden block of a cashmere comb, like this one, features wire netting on each side. To use, simply run it over your sweater in a downward motion while applying gentle pressure.

To prevent pilling, employ these tools before and after washing your cashmere garments. With the right care, your cashmere pieces will maintain their exquisite appearance and feel for years to come.

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