Best in Blue

Blue is likely the most dynamic and, surprisingly, energetic color on the spectrum.


As both the color of calm and of inventive productivity, it can be an enigmatic contradiction.

It brings to mind twinkling nights, placid mountain lakes and the inspiration of clear skies ahead.

Find below a curation of our favorites in every shade of this spirited hue.


Alonpi’s lightweight cashmere scarves are a marvel in contemporary textile printing – their double-faced fabrics display a hand-painted pattern on both sides of the featherweight weave.

This gorgeous, bohemian ring by Scrives is a combination of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Sri Lankan Sapphire, set in 22K gold.


Avant Toi combines the delicate beauty of hand-painted silk with the plush weight of a cashmere knit to create a selection of artistic shawls in Midnight and Lake.

Also from Avant Toi, the Lattice Duster – a flowing, loose knit linen that makes the perfect addition to a transitional wardrobe.


In blue stripe, Sacai interprets formal cotton shirting into a fresh and feminine piece that plays with length, cut and pleating to create a wholly modern design.

From 45R in Japan, find soft woolen ponchos reminiscent of Japanese indigo dyeing traditions. The forest green and white plaid across the face of the fabric is a nod to contrasting Scottish patterns.


“How sweet to be a Cloud. Floating in the Blue!”

— A. A. Milne

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