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Avant Toi Botanica

Avant Toi SS20

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

Crafted using fine materials like cashmere, silk and hemp, Mirko Ghignone designed Avant Toi to capture the true beauty of fine Italian knitwear. In his Avant Toi SS20 collection, watery botanical prints evoke a secret garden; a myriad of blossoms bring the promise of a new beginning. Mirko bridges the gap between classic style and contemporary flair, creating flowy tops, lightweight sweaters and sheer scarves that wear perfectly whether you’re relaxing at home or out under the sun.

Avant Toi SS20, Green Silk Floral Shirt
Green Avant Toi, left: Cashmere/ Silk Sweater, right: Silk Floral Blouse in Smeraldo
Green Avant Toi, left: Silk Floral Tapestry Top, right: Silk Oversized Floral Blouse in Smeraldo
Avant Toi Silk Blouse Texture
Yellow Avant Toi Floral Blouse in Gold
Avant Toi ss20, left: Silk Floral Tapestry Duster in Greige, right: Linen Knit Long Top in Nero/ Melograno
Avant Toi ss20: Cashmere/ Silk Printed Back V-Neck Sweater in Nero/ Melograno/ Seashell, right: Silk Oversized Floral Blouse in Grey
Avant Toi ss20, left: Cashmere/Silk Floral Tapestry Cardigan in Marmo, right: Short Sleeve Tee in Nero/ Melograno
Avant Toi Silk Camouflage Top in Marmo
Avant Toi Silk Print Texture
Avant Toi Silk Floral Tapestry Top in Denim Blue
Blue Avant Toi, left and right: Cashmere/ Silk Printed Back V-Neck Sweater in Nero/ Turchese/ Lace
Blue Avant Toi, left: Hemp Embroidered Jacket in Nero/ Denim, right: Micromodal Short Sleeve Tee in Denim