Avant Toi: The Cutting Edge of Luxury Knitwear

Images via Avant Toi

Founded in 1994 by the Liapull production group, Avant Toi is the cutting edge of luxury knitwear. The finest Italian cashmere gains superior quality through artisan craftsmanship and the notoriously pure waters of Genoa, Italy. This refinement is juxtaposed by a grungy take on luxe.

Images via Avant Toi

Artistic director Mirko Ghignone has translated a love of avant-garde into truly innovative production techniques, unique to the line. Never afraid to break the rules, Mirko is continually pushing the boundaries of dyeing and fabric manipulation of cashmere and other luxury yarns, such as silk and linen. Pieces are smoked, torn, destroyed, blended, and spray-painted to become singular creations that are refined yet provoking. Each is a masterful work of art that is ultimately defined by the wearer.

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