Antonio Marras & Anaconda: The Value of Time

Vintage and antique offer a romance unlike any other.

Delicate, opulent designs conjure up flavors of the past – small treasures that link us to the nostalgia of memory.

In this way, the works of Antonio Marras, a Sardinian clothing designer, and Monica Rossi, a specialty Milanese jeweler, capture a preciousness otherwise unavailable in the world of shopping.

A sundial of diamonds splay across this bold ring – a keystone piece from Monica Rossi’s Anaconda collection. Its intricate golden trellis captures the Italian Baroque and Victorian styling central to her aesthetic.

The earrings in this photograph are part of Monica Rossi’s repurposing efforts, wherein she combs the world for antique treasures to re-envision as modern jewelry. This unique, and separate, collection from her main line is only available to those who know to ask. This secrecy of the past is shared by Antonio Marras as he gathers old laces and linens to elevate his own designs.

To the eye, there is a strong individuality that comes with the vintage and antique.

The uniquity, association with cherished memory and connection to history set these items apart.

With time, we come to recognize their value as something that is greater than just the age of their existence.

Instead of being forgotten, these pieces connect us to the world, and the annals of time.

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