An Inspirational Escape

The prints and patterns of Daniela Gregis SS24 transport us to the coast for an inspirational and idyllic escape. Alongside her signature Liberty florals, Daniela’s latest delivery centers around a selection of nautical-inspired stripes, hand-painted island vistas and calming neutrals.

In addition to her reputation as a talented designer and artist, Daniela Gregis is, first and foremost, a traveler. Within her Bergamo studio, wandering and wondering are as important to the process as painting, patterning and sewing. This balance between practicality and exploration is what makes her work so attractive. Within Daniela’s collection, find a portfolio of prints and patterns to inspire your own idyllic escape.


Vertical stripes, particularly when rendered in tones of blue and white, bring to mind sun, surf and the pleasant tang of saltwater. This classic warm weather essential reads as slightly nautical, thanks to a crisscrossed history in both high fashion houses and navy uniforms. Daniela’s variety of choice skews on the thinner side, somewhere between a candy stripe and a bengal stripe.

Soft Neutrals

Daniela’s works often whisk us somewhere tranquil and serene. This is best exemplified within her selection of soft neutrals, in which she returns to her familiar palette of cream, sand and honey. In lightweight linen and cotton, these pieces are breezy, refined and ultra-wearable. We recommend pairing them with a favorite shoe (Daniela’s banded leather sandals are our pick) and an easy tote or basket as the weather warms.

Blue Period

Every season, Daniela presents a series of hand-painted prints alongside her signature Liberty florals. The latest from her studio is an abstract painting called Isole Drawing. Meaning “islands” in Italian, Isole is a splash of black and blue across crisp white cotton. These pieces work well on their own, but are a welcome complement to the solid black and blue pieces within this delivery.

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