Album di Famiglia: Celebrating Joy in Life’s Simplest Moments

Known for their refined shapes, luxuriously soft fabrics, and respect for the local economy and environment, Album di Famiglia is a gem of Italian fashion labels. Designer Monica Rusconi founded the brand in 2000, bringing her siblings Patrizia and Giovanni onto the project eleven years later. Season after season, each garment is produced with unparalleled quality: designed, cut, and sewn in a small workshop in the town of Lomazzo, Italy.

With a lifestyle that celebrates joy in life’s simplest moments, the Album philosophy extends beyond itself: instilling their creations with classic style and prioritizing comfort with each cut and thread. This method allows a welcomed ease in dressing; clothes that make life less complicated. At times the brand’s minimalist aesthetic seems radically avant-garde, with their unique combinations of limited color palette, subtle textures, and compelling shapes.

From the perfectly tailored linen trouser, to the relaxed top, and the iconic Thai pant, Album di Famiglia has built a collection of wonderfully androgynous staples to treasure for a lifetime. Wrap yourself in the simply lush fabrics of cotton, wool, linen and silk and take joy in the smallest pleasures of life, the Album Di Famiglia way. We suggest styling with a pair of Common Projects sneakers or Officine Creative boots, top it off with a Reinhard Plank woven hat.


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