Agnona & Alonpi Cashmere: Fall’s Finest Fabrics

Founded in 1953 and named after a village at the foot of Monte Rosa, Agnona began their journey as a supplier of the finest fabrics. Within seven years of opening their business, they became the go-to supplier for many of the leading international designers like Balenciaga, Dior and Givenchy. In many ways, Agnona wrote a noteworthy chapter in the book of fashion by actively contributing to the prestige of haute couture in its golden age. Since then, Agnona has honed their craft to establish a luxury brand with extensive knowledge in textiles that produces the pinnacle of modern luxury daily wear. Styled with the collection are some of our favorites from Alonpi Cashmere’s Fall collection in which hand painting on exceptional weaves takes center stage.

alonpi cashmere and the row

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