About Daniela Gregis

With an emphasis on high quality natural materials and exuberant splashes of color, Daniela Gregis marries modern sophistication and artisanal Italian craftsmanship. Her aesthetic is informed by fluidity, poetry and the balance of the natural world; it is a deeply human minimalism, fueled by humility and harmony. In a world where traditional artistry and meaningful human connection are in competition with modernity and technology, Daniela boldly lives and creates in devotion to the former.

Inspired by the timelessness and quality of life in Bergamo, Italy, where her studio is located, Daniela Gregis’ look embraces an updated artisanal country feel. Designing for close to 30 years, Daniela creates everyday clothing that is both intellectual and soulful. She is deeply invested in working with traditional techniques and textiles. Many of her pieces feature hand painted fabrics and imaginative embroidery. Her dyeing is made using natural colors with shades that are taken from the most evocative natural landscapes. Daniela focuses on quality and craftsmanship and creates universally relevant silhouettes for all women, regardless of age or body shape. Piously devoted to her materials, not even an inch of the exquisite artisanal fabric is ever wasted. Garments often feature a creative use of the unused fabric: small inlays are delicately sewn on, matching bags and belts are deftly constructed and handkerchiefs and table linens are produced from any remnants.

Daniela expertly navigates the paradoxes between rustic and modern, cozy and minimal and the personal and universal. The garments are light and soft yet have surprising structure. Voluminous shapes are magical in their drape, fabrics and colors are mixed to form artful compositions and flowing layers are feminine and spirited. Her work embodies a desire for a life lived in harmony with each other and the earth, framed in a modern, highly wearable appreciation of beauty. Wear Daniela Gregis with purpose, intention and a little bit of humor.

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