A t-o-o-g-o-o-d State of Mind

too good ss20

London sisters Erica and Faye Toogood understand poise as deeply as they understand the comfort of a pure fabric. In their most recent Spring collection, smooth cottons in bold cobalt, subtle flint, and calming powder blue manifest an unmatched confidence in the wearer. Erica and Faye approach their work obliquely, creating their intellectual yet grounded line with a certain amount of passion, poetry and aesthetic honesty brought to every piece.

too good ss20
toogood ss20, left: Silk Brushstrokes Writer Top in Chalk, right: Fine Cotton Poet Dress in Flint
toogood, left: Sandwashed Milkman Shirt in Chalk, right: Silk Organza Editor Jacket in Flint
toogood dress
toogood, left: Boxer Trousers in Butter, right: Fine Cotton Short Gardener Shirt in Flint
toogood, left: Fine Cotton Draughtsman Shirt in Flint, right: Ramie/Linen Editor Trouser in Soot
too good spring summer 2020
toogood, Cotton Poplin Boxer Trousers in Cobalt
toogood, left: Fine Cotton Writer Top in Cobalt, right: Cotton Poplin Draughtsman Shirt in Powder
toogood, left: Cotton Poplin Draughtsman Shirt in Cobalt, right: Fine Cotton Short Gardener Shirt in Cobalt
toogood, Cotton Poplin Draughtsman Shirt in Chalk

too good ss20

A Toogood state of mind exemplifies the close connection between the intent of the maker and the use of the wearer. Kaval utilizes old machinery and recycled kimono cloth to drive a human touch into their garments, reminding the wearer of traditional Japanese dress that becomes at one with the person to whom the item belongs. Aboubakar Fofana intends for the wearer to feel how his work is derived from the earth’s natural processes. The wearer becomes connected to “Living Blue” and the earth’s natural creation of indigo dye.

Danny Kaplan’s passion for ceramics was shaped by early exposure to the traditional pottery of Aix-en-Provence, France. His sophisticated yet simple ceramics are inspired by the light colors and organic textures found in his surroundings. From decoration to serveware, Kaplan’s work is the quintessential combination of beauty and utility.

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