A Golden Seed

Fine gold jewelry from UK-based Sia Taylor. Using a combination of delicate chainwork and hammered gold disks, Sia presents a collection of understated elegance in 18K.

For the past fifteen years, British jewelry designer Sia Taylor has been making works of art, inspired by the natural world, in luminous gold. Taylor’s new collection A Golden Seed shows her mastery of her craft. Every piece is imbued with a sense of wonder.

The understated elegance of Sia’s work shines with the collection’s namesake: the Golden Seeds Earrings. A cluster of 18K yellow gold “seeds” dangle from a delicate gold chain. These handcrafted beads shimmer against the skin, catching the light with every movement.

An ethereal interpretation of a summer field, the Meadow necklace features miniature golden seeds, pods, leaves and petals sprinkled across the neckline.

Handcrafted by a small team of artisan jewelers in the Somerset countryside, each piece in Sia’s collection is made using traditional techniques. The leaves, petals and seeds are cut and shaped by hand. Her dots are carefully melted and hammered. With each design, Sia transforms the ephemeral into tangible moments that evoke the world around us.

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