A Farewell of Gratitude

Announced this past March, Dries Van Noten has chosen to step down as his brand’s creative director after the completion of the current collection.

We experienced this news in equal parts sadness and gratitude. We have carried Dries Van Noten for over a decade and have been honored to do so. His thirty-eight years of intense work and dedication have culminated in a vision, and fashion house, like no other.

Dries is one of the most genius, inventive minds of our time. His pieces are and continue to be deeply collectible. Through a careful balance of taste and tenacity, he pushed the boundaries of how we dress, think and ideate. No one else harnesses the same intense, creative force… and it is unlikely that anyone else will be able to do it just like Dries can.

Not only has Dries been remarkable as a designer, but he is a singular person supporting entire communities of patternmakers, tailors, gardeners and other like-minded visionaries across the world. He is part of a rarified breed of artists who drive whole villages, towns and cities to be prosperous, more beautiful places through his work.

Other designers in this same realm of impact include Riccardo Bruni of House of LyriaUma Wang, Aneeth Arora of PéroCarsten RundholzDaniela Gregis and many other designers we are lucky to count among our friends and colleagues. For this, and much more, Dries Van Noten sets the bar.

For all you have done for us, and the indelible mark you have left on the world of fashion, we thank you Dries.

xoxo Shobhan & the Team

“Like in a garden, you decide what to plant; and at some point, it continues to flourish.”

– Dries, regarding the next generation of the DVN story.

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