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Munich, Germany

OSKA is a German based label founded in 1997. Today, they are internationally known for clean-lined designs that come in easy and sophisticated palettes and silhouettes. OSKA completely changed feminine aesthetic in the European market at the turn of the millennium, giving women a revolutionary language to both live their life in elegance and comfort and to express their individuality.

Headed by owner and managing director Helmut Bayer, the creative heart of OSKA beats in the borough of Schwabing in Munich. Here, designers, pattern makers, technicians and fabric purchasers perfect the unique look of OSKA. Premium materials are imbued with a versatile color palette and deftly crafted into comely silhouettes. For over 10 years the majority of the OSKA production has been done by well-trained experts in their two partner companies located in Šumperk and Prostéjov in the Czech Republic, a region which has a long tradition of textile manufacturing.

OSKA’s look is both comfortable and elegant. The nuances of color, with subtle gradations in tone create the signature OSKA look, from matte flora colors and delicate pastels to warm earth tones with shaded variations. A linen jacket receives the look of a washed pebble stone, a viscose shirt the subtle sheen of worn pearls and a cotton dress the appearance of sun-bleached terracotta. Clear simple shapes and choice materials let you feel good in comfortable and flexible fits with the freedom to move and ultimately live your individuality.

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