Cathryn Collins is the designer behind I Pezzi Dipinti, a brand dedicated to creating the finest luxury textiles for the home and body. I Pezzi Dipinti works with a network of the most experienced craftspeople anchored in traditional arts to produce cashmere knitwear in Italy, cashmere and linen textiles in India and bespoke furs in New York.

I Pezzi Dipinti means “painted pieces” in Italian. The original iteration of IPD, which Cathryn founded in early 1988, was devoted to the design and sale of custom-painted furniture, which she produced with a small, family-owned studio in Florence. Her inspiration remains the same today — the desire to produce exquisite objects that she imagines do not yet exist, made from the best materials, by the best craftspeople and to have these objects find a long-lasting, utilitarian place in their owners’ lives.

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