Lisa Corti has been surrounded by and sought out beauty, tradition, and craft adamantly throughout her life. Born in Ethiopia, it is evident why she views aesthetics as an essential part of life, as the ancient decorative traditions and bright outfits worn by the local women are ingrained in her mind. Ever since then, Lisa has traveled and fallen in love with the lifestyles of various regions of India, while also noticing a certain affinity for Ethiopian culture. These trips and discoveries have greatly expanded her collection of patterns, motifs, and colors that characterize her lively repertoire of handcrafted fabrics.

Each element of Lisa’s inventions are carefully considered and executed by traditional, manual processes. From the light translucency of the fabrics, made of woven silk, to the strikingly saturated colors and reinterpreted patterns, all blockprinted by artisans in India. This constant level of craft and research is Lisa’s “constant search for symmetry between ancient and contemporary Western cultures.” Currently, Lisa is operating the Home Textile Emporium, both store and studio, in Milan, Italy.

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