is a thoughtful, fresh and playful clothing label bringing a sophisticated Italian take to Nordic Minimalism. Through color blocking, volume and geometric awareness, the line comes to life with an uncomplicated aesthetic embodying clean and simple elegance with a playful quirk. was founded by Ludovica Diligu in Milan in 2006, where the flagship store remains. In 2009 Ludovica moved the company headquarters to an old factory in the heart of the gallery district in the creative community of Berlin, Germany. Moving to Berlin, the undisputed center of the latest European artistic trends, whilst remaining a staunch supporter of “Made in Italy” production has been the winning formula at the base of Ludovica’s success.

True to her interest in Nordic Minimalism and her family background in architecture, Labo.Art’s designs are thoughtful and decided as Ludovica strives to create pieces that have lasting relevance; any superfluous details are entirely banned on principle. The company’s hallmark is an attentive study of volumes and their role in space expressed through the architectural design of the single piece of clothing.

The key words in Ludovica’s process are constant research. This process regards colors in all their hues, focusing on the reinterpretation of cotton, wool and linen in essential and modern shapes. The collection’s main concept draws from the combination of top-quality materials with clean design, and is inspired by the focal, historical moments of fashion, theatre and cinema. The perfect balance of taste and class creates a unique and easily recognizable style.

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