Brunello Cucinelli is definitively known as the “king of cashmere.” From humble origins, he was on an engineering track when he discovered the potential in cashmere and reset the course of his life. Today, combining the ancient with the modern, corporate objectives with human needs, his line is produced by artisans in the village of Solomeo, Italy, where he fulfills his lifelong dream to work for the moral and economic dignity of mankind.

Brunello is the quintessential Italian Renaissance man. A voracious learner, he harbors great respect for the thinkers and philosophical leaders of the past, incorporating their timeless wisdom into his forward thinking initiatives with the goal of creating a similarly lasting influence. Brunello set up a small company in 1978 and captivated the market with his idea of dying cashmere. Brunello’s intuition bestowed upon this yarn a new appeal in modern colors, joining together the Umbrian heritage of knitwear and innovation in contemporary design. In 1982, Brunello moved to Solomeo, a 14th century hamlet, which became the venue to make his dreams come true.

Today the history of cashmere passes through the workshops in Solomeo, where the village has been revived by Cucinelli as part of his humanistic enterprise. The medieval fortress of Solomeo holds the offices and workshops of the business, while a company kitchen prepares the best traditional Umbrian food for employees. A considerable portion of the profit is reinvested into restoring the hamlet and developing an excellent quality of life for those who live there, putting people and the common good at the center of every production process. Brunello established the Solomeo School of the Arts and Crafts to preserve and pass on craftsmanship to future generations.

Over the years Brunello has been acknowledged with a staggering number of national and international rewards for his “Neohumanistic Capitalism,” including an appointment to Cavaliere del Lavoro (Knight of Industry) assigned by the President of the Italian Republic and the Global Economy Prize, received from the eminent Kiel Institute for the World Economy with the noble mention that he “personifies perfectly the figure of the Honourable Merchant.”

Above all, Brunello believes in beauty as the shape of the inner qualities of people and things. Wherever there is beauty, there is positivity; beauty very often coincides with simplicity. When people are surrounded by simplicity, everything becomes clearer, beauty can be understood and every human quality is enhanced. This is the feeling Brunello Cucinelli clothing embraces with its simplistic, timeless beauty.