Light and sculptural pieces from Issey Miyake have arrived at Santa Fe Dry Goods. Wave-like shawl collars play with drape and volume in a near ephemeral way. Each season Issey Miyake innovates with fabric technology and design artistry.


Lou Zeldis

Lou Zeldis made jewelry with the idea that his pieces would become personal totems. His work has a sense of strength and poeticism that celebrates the vitality of the natural. Unique vintage pieces from Lou Zeldis’ personal collection are now available at Santa Fe Dry Goods.

Complete Looks

Dries Van Noten has fused magnetic darkness with the opulence of rich color and precious fabric. Textiles adapted from multiple cultures harken to 60′s and 70′s sensibilities with modern details like subtle digital pixelation. Dries Van Noten also offers a breadth of stunning handwork in the form of beads and embroidery.

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