With a pleating style reminiscent of Issey Miyake, Anett Röstel creates sleek and architectural garments with a hint of fairy tale. Elegant yet playful, versatile and durable, an Anett Röstel dress is the epitomy of a party dress.


Heike Grebenstein

Heike Grebenstein works with organic shapes, rare gems, and 22 karat gold. Her pieces adhere to the highest standards of environmental protection, as she uses solely recycled materials. “Like the unique textures and colors of human skin, my jewelry celebrates the beauty of the real, the natural, the flaw.” - Heike Grebenstein

Complete Looks

Mix different shades of brown from mid tones to deep chocolate. Gary Graham sweater is rich in texture and design yet earthy and wearable. Shown with leather leggings and a Brunello Cucinelli sparkle sweater and some casual accessories.

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