Eskandar’s Light Woven Wool Shirts have a characteristic A-line silhouette, side slits, rollable sleeves, and minimal collar. Eskandar is interested in combining elements from traditional garb across cultures which the brand achieves in a modern manner. Eskandar pieces can be layered in multiple ways demonstrating the classic above the trend and the marriage of function and form. […]


Monies Jewelry

Monies Amethyst & Mountain Crystal Necklace hangs proudly on the neck, a toolkit of mineral formation. Lightweight for its visual impact, this piece highlights Monies’ love for uncommon materials sourced from around the world. Pieces by Monies & Monies Unique could be seen as concept art- large crystals highlighting the idea of value and the exaggeration of exaggeration. […]

Complete Looks

Gilda Midani uses rust, charcoal, and indigo natural dyes to create this incredible effect.

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