Urban Zen: Inspiration of Travel

Urban Zen Embroidery Jacket, Urban Zen Brown Shrunken Blazer, Lou Zeldis Wooden Bead Necklace | Santa Fe Dry Goods & WorkshopWorldly and soulful meets versatile and wearable. This season of Urban Zen clothing, by Donna Karen, is emblematic of travels and exploration of places of rich culture. The Urban Zen embroidered, multi-fabric jacket is a blend of texture and color that is both cultured and earthly. In contrast, the Urban Zen brown blazer is in a warm brown and clean form that can be incorporated into many wardrobes. Both different, yet they exist beyond trend: one a unique treasure and one a versatile staple. The Lou Zeldis wooden bead necklace pairs with the strong and rustic style.

Urban Zen Artisan Patchwork Jacket in Multicolor

Urban Zen Tailored Blazer in Paperbag