Umit Unal: Edgy, Elegant, and Sophiscated

Umit Unal SS17 Blue Silk top and blue linen jacket, Closed jeans in black and Officine Creative black leather shoesUmit Unal’s latest collection features their dark and edgy style blended with elegance and sophistication. The colors are navys, greys, and whites, which are highly wearable and able to incorporate into any wardrobe. The texture and silhouettes used in materials such as linen and silk give a rugged edge while small details, such a pleats, add an classic flare. The Umit Unal teal blue silk pleat top can be layered with their navy blue linen coat. Officine Creative shoes are a blend of Italian craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. Wear with Officine Creative black leather shoes and Closed jeans in black to complete the outfit.

Umit Unal Linen Oversize Shirt in Indigo Navy

Umit Unal Silk Short Blouse in Teal

Closed Baker Cropped Narrow Jeans in Noir

Officine Creative Leather Lexikon Shoes in Nero