Som Les Dues Scarves & Avant Toi

Avant Toi Blue Cardigan, Cashmere Sweaters, and Som Le Dues Leaf ScarfSom Les Dues scarves from Spain are vibrant with color and design. They are a new scarf line for Santa Fe Dry Goods & Workshop. Incorporate the Som Les Dues leaf motif scarf with Avant Toi. Their spring collection brings deep and rich textural colors that don’t overwhelm or clash with the stylized scarf. An Avant Toi midnight blue linen/cotton jacket easily pairs with a lightweight cashmere sweater in emerald green or dark magenta.

Som Les Dues Modal/Cashmere Red Passion Printed Scarf in Black

Avant Toi Linen/Cotton Boucle Collarless Jacket in China

Avant Toi Lightweight V-Neck Sweater in Turquoise

Avant Toi Lightweight Crew Neck Sweater in Bon Bon