Oska & Ever Veritas: Architectural Linen

Oska White Linen Jacket and Pants, Rundholz Black Label white linen dress, and Ever Veritas blue fresco print scarfEase into personal style comfortably with Oska. The silhouette-focus of Oska clothing allows for seamless experimentation with form. The casual “box” shaped natural white jacket and cropped pants are both structural and relaxed. Rundholz Black Label linen dress in white follows this structure. The sky blue fresco inspired scarf by Ever Veritas adds hints of natural warm tones. This structure is architectural and reminiscent of Italian stone buildings, solidified by the texture and historic influenced scarf.

Oska Linen Talida Jacket in Pebble

Oska Linen Tami Short Pants in Page

Ever Veritas Fresco Printed Scarf in Sky

Rundholz Black Label Linen Oversized Dress in White