Colorful Geometry: Labo.Art & Som Les Dues

Labo.Art Pink Cotton Top and Grey Pants and Jacket, and Som Les Dues Stripe ScarfLabo.Art is clean Italian minimalism and showcases the focus of lines, volume, and geometry. This builds an elegant, sophisticated base that creates a comfortable architectural shape. The strong, solid color of the Labo.Art pink cotton shirt pairs well with any color used in the collection. One example is the grey cotton jacket and pants. Accessorize with a Som Les Dues multicolored striped in off-white, with hints of color that can match the bright pink top.

Labo.Art Maglia Gallina Clara Cotton Top in Azalea

Labo.Art Giacca Crop Felpa Jacket in Greige

Labo.Art Panta Vela Clara Cotton Pants in Greige

Som Les Dues Modal/Linen Zebra Funny Sunny Printed Scarf in White