Avant Toi: Textures for Fall

Avant Toi blue cashmere/silk sweater, Avant Toi blue cotton/linen jacket, and Som Les Dues blue multi-print scarf | Santa Fe Dry Goods & WorkshopAvant Toi is classic yet versatile, which allows for not only a multitude of occasions, but transforms with the wearer’s style. The Avant Toi cashmere/silk sweater in a vibrant and deep blue layered under the Avant Toi linen/cotton jacket in a matching blue has elegant depth in dye and intriguing texture. The geometric designs in Som Les Dues scarves finishes the blue ensemble.

Avant Toi Linen/Cotton Boucle Collarless Jacket in China

Avant Toi Cashmere/Silk Round Neck Sweater in China

Som Les Dues Modal/Cashmere Forms Printed Scarf in Blue