Avant Toi: Textures for Fall

Avant Toi blue linen blazer, Avant Toi brown linen cardigan, Shi white cotton button-up shirt, and Som Les Dues stripe scarf | Santa Fe Dry Goods & WorkshopNew Avant Toi has comfortable, loose weave, sheer linen layers. Over a Shi white button up cotton shirt, it allows the texture and subtle depth in the dye of Avant Toi brown sheer linen cardigan show through. The Avant Toi midnight blue linen blazer has deep contrast and pops against the white shirt. The geometric designs in Som Les Dues scarves finishes the outfit for a comfortable yet clean ensemble.

Avant Toi Linen Frayed Edges Jacket in Blue Navy

Avant Toi Linen/Cotton Mesh Shirt Jacket in Cocoa

Shi Long Oversize Linen Shirt in White

Som Les Dues Scarves