Annette Görtz: Clean & Structural

Annette Gortz clothing and Massimo Palomba black handbagAnnette Görtz clothing is both structural and clean in neutral colors. The form is the focus, with clean cuts and shape; yet, it is not one dimensional. The Annette Görtz grey linen/cotton jacket has texture and an architectural silhouette, with a slight stretch. The non-obstructive tones means bringing together other pieces in the collection creates a cohesive yet interchangeable look. It can be worn over an Annette Görtz white shirt, scarf, and pants; lastly, finished with a Massimo Palomba black woven leather handbag.

Annette Görtz Bess Jacket in Grey

Annette Görtz Zipper Neckline Sea Top in Off White

Annette Görtz Lightweight Colet Scarf in Giraffe

Annette Görtz Cotton Gilo Pants in Grey

Massimo Palomba Lily CB Wood Bag in Black