Annette Görtz: Clean & Architectural

Annette Gortz black and grey jacket, Lareida grey shirt, and Mimbres scarfAnnette Görtz clothing is both structural and clean in neutral colors. The form is the focus, with clean cuts and shape; yet, it is not one dimensional. The Annette Görtz black cotton/linen jacket has a subtle architectural a-line silhouette, with a slight stretch. The non-obstructive tones means bringing together other pieces in the collection creates a cohesive yet interchangeable look. Worn over a grey Lareida shirt, it can be switched with a taupe grey jacket by Annette Görtz and finished with a scarf.

Annette Görtz Torin Jacket in Black

Annette Görtz Leather Vibi Jacket in Grey

Lareida Fitted Shirt in Grey