Annette Görtz and Black Crane: The Beautiful Naturalist

Annette Görtz beige jacket, Black Crane Rust linen shirt, Faliero Sarti Orange ombre scarf, Lou Zeldis amber necklace, and Officine Creative brown leather shoe | Santa Fe Dry Goods & WorkshopRough and natural come together with Annette Görtz and Black Crane. Exploration and leisure in wild and rugged locations, while remaining stylish with texture and architectural form. The Black Crane rust linen shirt goes with backgrounds of places such as Zambia. Layer with the Annette Görtz beige jacket. The Faliero Sarti cream, rust, and orange ombre scarf matches and adds color. The amber stone in the Lou Zeldis necklace blends with the orange tones, as well as the Officine Creative slide on leather shoes.

Annette Görtz Torin Jacket in Gobi

Black Crane Linen Box Top in Rust

Faliero Sarti Ginevra Ombre Scarf in Orange

Officine Creative Irmine Slip On Leather Shoe in Cuoio

Lou Zeldis Vintage Amber & Leather Fringe Pendant