SS18 Florals dark florals

Rough Florals

What does it mean to be lying in a bed of flowers? As a connection with the ground, florals are experiential: a sensory relationship with form and color. This reference to femininity and nature is imbued in the SS18 collection by Avant Toi, speaking to the rugged nature of a root’s connection to its soil.

Avant Toi SS18 Rough Dark FloralsBurlap against rough florals for ss18

Avant Toi

SS18 Florals light flower dark florals

Muted Florals

Subtleties created in the patterning and texture. Sacai SS18 is pairing florals with stripes and cross hatching; thick laces against petite dark floral prints; bulk and frill — all found all in one Spring Summer collection. Utilitarian cargo deconstructs the effect of the feminine, bringing on the androgynous side of flowers, lightened with pleats and laces.

SS18 Florals muted floral pattern plant life diagramSS18 Florals - dark florals sacai utilitarian floral lace cargo


SS18 Florals - dark florals

Vivid Florals

Animals and bursting greenery channel the lively fertility of plant life: tropical moist leaves and exotic flowers cascading from stem. Etro is channeling the hyper-visual of florals this spring season, paired with sophistication through subtle paisleys. Hypnotizing patterns and petals. Tropicália. Bold colors, dark florals, bold prints.

Etro SS18 Vivid florals and plant prints dark floralsSS18 Florals - dark florals tropical plant diagram


SS18Florals - light feminine florals for dark floral season

Majestic Florals

Dark florals illuminate through regal appliqués embroidered with golden fibers we know well in the designs By Walid. Handmade textures for a queen; textures for a individualist. Masterful grace is woven into the luxury of each fleur de Walid. The florals are Victorian high feminine and intricate in the form of patchwork and macrame flowers, each with vintage charisma. The quiet extravagance of a magnolia in bloom.

SS18Florals - dark florals for spring loveSpring summer dark florals by walid

By Walid

SS18 Florals - dark florals cactus again dark back drop