Rundholz Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Rundholz is world-renowned for creating fashion that combines fresh designs, unconventional details, and experimental fabric treatments for a distinctly independent look. The husband and wife duo behind the brand, Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, work together in a focused and steadfast manner to present their singular, inspirational style every season. Together they push the known boundaries of what feminine style can be.

Today, even after twenty years, no one has been able to replicate this edgy Rundholz language of bold, nonconformist-yet-accessible design. Rundholz is a lifestyle brand, creating in the reality where women are wholly capable to shape and lead the world in all areas of society, especially in areas that are seen as traditionally male. This season’s Spring Summer 2018 Mainline collection takes the definition of the feminine through a deep experimental track. With unconventional constructions established as the foundation of the brand’s identity, new interpretations and takes on the unique Rundholz style is introduced each season through new prints, and the variations are unpredictable: lentils and grains; pen marks and brush strokes; figures that reference the paintings of Old Masters.

This season, Rundholz employs an abstract multi-patterned vintage print, like those commonly found in button downs popular in both menswear and womenswear of the 1990’s. For a brand that sticks to darker values in their pieces, the splashes of bold blue-greens and reds, paired with fine-grain cheetah print makes for a perfectly unconventional interpretation of the spring collection.

Like a great novel, a deeper dimensionality is added to this collection with an edgy kafkaesque aesthetic, channeling stripes in a way that alludes to men’s nightwear, and the use of translucent, deep brown pieces made of PVC that visually relate to the texture of an insect’s wing. Though certain layering pieces with classic silhouettes – such as jackets and dresses – remind us of the feminine basis of Rundholz Mainline, cycling back around to the brand’s truth in avant-garde experimentation within womenswear that gives women a stylistic language to speak their uniqueness and artistry.

Rundholz is full of surprise yet is still familiar; it is androgynous yet feminine and complex yet undemanding. This Spring Summer 2018 Mainline collection allows the wearer radical freedom to create their own style, blending well with both traditional and nontraditional wardrobes.

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