Margoni Jewelry Aquamarine and Topaz Earrings

Margoni jewelry is handmade in Thessaloniki, a city in Greece, by two designers Mary Margoni and Yannis Mandilakis. With stones cut and shaped—or intentionally left rough—by Yannis Mandilakis, Mary then designs the gems into jewelry into how either of the two see fitting of the stone, usually experimenting with color and asymmetry. The entire process is based around allowing the gemstone’s natural beauty be showcased with little changes. With a group of craftsmen that work in the process, each piece becomes unique and has its own story.

The Margoni Aquamarine and Topaz post earrings have two topaz stones with a single aquamarine stone, to create a rich blue trio. The earrings are set in 18k gold, of used by Margoni, to create a subtly unique and elegant pair of earrings.

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