Monte san Pietrangeli

Oftentimes the origin of a good is trivial unless it hails from Italy. Upon mentioning this fabled country, a certain degree of prestige is imbued upon the product in question. This grandeur is not unsubstantiated, and with good reason. Italian craft owes its cherished reputation to a rich history centuries in the making. Generations of artisans have dedicated countless time to the development and refinement of the shoemaking trade, a tradition that is ongoing. Much of the international success of Italian footwear is owed to the mastery of materials, particularly leather. Premium hides from specific breeds of cattle, tanning techniques, and time-honored dyeing methods result in supple, richly-hued leather. This precious material is then worked by the hands of expert craftsmen. From start to finish, human touch gives each pair of shoes an unsurpassable quality. The final pieces are a testament to the Italian custom of shoemaking. Santa Fe Dry Goods and Workshop proudly offer fine footwear by Alberto Fasciani, Fiorentini and Baker, Officine Creative, and Silvano Sassetti, all made in Italy with the highest quality and durability standards. No other country can boast finer pairs of shoes.

For the leather connoisseur we also have offerings from Campomaggi, Massimo Palomba, Reptiles House, and Riccardo Forconi.